Tag 7: We visited the UN in Geneva! [+Video]

Today was a huge day for the Wave Trophy Rallye and for team ITK: We made our way along the beautiful lake towards Geneva, to the Place of Nations to form a giant mosaic with all the climate pledges we have collected. We promised to bring the cards from the pupils of Rülzheim to Geneva, and we delivered:

Climate Cards for blog


Rudiger settled comfortably into his role as the team’s newest and most fresh member, and we managed to catch in some sight seeing (and selfies!) too.

selfie with Rüdiger for blog

The climax of the day (and the rallye!) was when all participants formed the „1o5C“ message with our electrical vehicles on the Place de Nations, a giant reminder of the climate temperature limit that every nation should commit to! We are incredibly proud to be part of this event!

UN group pic for blog

Tomorrow will be the final day of the rallye, where we will drive back from Geneva to Liestal, so roughly 250 more kilometers to best. We also just learned that we’re currently leading in points! We’re really excited: Can we defend our lead in the last two challenges and actually win the prestigious Wave Trophy? The pressure is definitely on! Root for us and wish us success!

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